Family Life Course Lecture 3 Guide

“Understanding Gender Differences”
Prepared by: David A. Magalong, Jr.

God’s Design for the Man

o   Man as a Performance Being

— Man’s Design and The Results of the Fall

·         To take responsibility for his needs and the needs of his family: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:6-10; 1 Timothy 5:8)

·         As a performance being, he finds fulfilment in achieving success in what he does.

·         As a performance being, failure is man’s greatest fear, leading to man’s inability to handle failure

—  Failure leads men to denial and deflecting blame to others or their circumstances (Genesis 3:11-12)

—  God’s purpose is to lead man to take responsibility for his failures. Rather than condemning him outright, God leads him gently through a process of admission first by asking leading questions (Genesis 3:11, 13; 4:6-7, 9-10)

·         The judgment of the man after the Fall resulted in God cursing the ground and inflicting “painful toil” on the ground, in order to humble him. (Genesis 3:17-19)

God’s Design for the Woman

o   Woman as a Relational Being

—  Woman’s Design and the Results of the Fall

·         To meet the man’s need for companionship and emotional support (‘ezer) (Genesis 2:20)

·         To be loved and cherished by the man (Genesis 2:20-23; Deuteronomy 24:5; Ephesians 5:25)

·         Her need for the affirmation of her worth can lead her to seek to control her husband in order to meet her emotional needs (Genesis 3:16b).

·         The judgment of the woman after the Fall resulted in God cursing the womb and inflicting “painful toil” in the womb, in order to humble her. (Genesis 3:16; 1 Timothy 2:15)

man vs woman

Reflection and Application

In what ways does my understanding of gender differences help me appreciate my spouse more?

Now that I understand better the gender needs of my spouse, what steps should I take to help meet them?

What attitudes, habits and ways of relating to my spouse should I change in order to help meet his/her needs in ways that honor God?

What course of action will you take to follow God’s commands?

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